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Our roadmap

Implement the new roadmap
of the Sales Department

Get to align the sales force through training focused on attracting new customers proactively


Train Sales Representatives and Delegation Managers for the correct fulfillment of objectives and to be aligned with the company’s strategy.
Work on the homogenization of the sales network.
Ensure the correct use of control and supervision tools: CRM, Pipeline, Dashboards. Identification and evaluation of the types of sellers and carry out correction, training and motivation actions to correct errors, habits and low performance.


Build Sales Processes and Plans.
Correct use of Pipeline, CRM and weekly activity plans.
Accelerate the incorporation of new sales reps through the correct implementation of On Boarding Programs building the Welcome (Sales Bible) of the company.
Have all the necessary tools to accelerate the incorporation of new clients.


Train Sellers to increase the performance of their sales.
Increase your inherent motivation, improve the feeling of belonging to the company and boost the love for the salesperson profession.
Offer a multitude of tools and best practices to improve the performance of all sellers.

Sales training
& leadership

Master’s Degree in Acquisition and Business Development (3 Blocks)

Full Master: +250 h & +35 courses

Sales management program (96 hours)


The Sales Management Program is perfect for:

Directors, sales managers and delegation managers who want to ensure sales results for the current year and those to come. Recommended for future Commercial Directors or Sales Managers.


Program Overview:

Our Sales Management program helps to write the Sales Plan of the delegation or company, set both economic objectives and the most relevant KPIs, offers tools to correctly manage a Sales team.


Key results of the Sales Management Program

You will learn to define the business model, to carry out the market analysis and to define and write the Ideal Sales Process.

It includes the Sales Management & Leadership module, with which you will learn to evaluate commercial performance, make development plans, give feedback through coaching and lead a sales team. You will get easy-to-implement tools such as the way in which you can catalog each type of sales rep.

You will learn to evaluate the pipelines and make decisions in the face of poor performance by the team.

You will identify the key KPIs to obtain from the CRM.


Modules covered (10 courses)


16h Creation and Wording of the Sales Plan
8h The definition of the most important KPIs for business development
8h Business objectives for both acquisition, portfolio development and relevant KPIs
8h Definition of the Business Model
8h Market analysis
8h Definition and Writing of the Ideal Sales Process
16h Sales Management and Leadership
8h Evaluation of commercial performance and the Seller Development Plan
8h The use of CRM
8h The Pipeline of Sales Candidates of our sector


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Methodology Program for the Sales Department (80 hours)


The Methodology Program for the Commercial Department is perfect for:

Directors, sales managers and delegation managers who want to land the methodology to lead to sales success in a homogeneous way with their entire team.


Program Overview:

Our Methodology for the Sales Department program lands the Business Model in the Sales department. It guides on how to implement an ideal Sales Process. It teaches you to manage the sales pipeline, to identify the status in which they are failing and how to solve them. Includes skill modules on methodology.


Key results of the Sales Methodology Program

You will learn to follow the relevant KPIs for commercial control.

You will be able to correctly size a team and motivate it.

You will have a list of useful sales techniques to correct habits from your team.

You will learn the importance and how to structure the Reception and Welcome of new sales reps to accelerate the ROI (return on investment).

And finally, you will be able to write the operational process of incorporating new clients to avoid abandonment rates or early flight (Drop Out and Early Churn).


Modules covered (10 courses)


4h Business Model Implementation
4h Implementation of the Sales Process
8h Effective Pipeline Management
4h Control of commercial activity
8h Motivation of the sales team
4h Sizing and Commercial Structure
26h Sales Techniques (Remote Selling, Professional Inquiry, Advanced Negotiation, Closing and Implementation)
To define On Boarding of new Salespeople to the team
To define Drafting of the Welcome on Board (The Sales Bible)
To define Drafting of the SOP (Operational Service Procedure)


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Sales Skills Program (+130 hours)


The Salesperson Skills Program is perfect for:

Sellers, Telemarketers, both seniors and juniors who want to update themselves to the new way of working.


Program Overview:

Our Sales Skills program helps your sales team pivot to the remote environment and adapt to the latest technology, to ensure they are effectively leading sales meetings and converting leads. Taking place in person, this face-to-face sales training course ensures your salespeople keep the sales pipeline healthy and close more meetings.


Key Results of the Sales Skills Program

By the end of this training course, your salespeople will:

  • Set attractive agendas and control conversations
  • Identify new ways to adapt their speech to generate value effectively
  • Push on the opportunities towards the closing inside the virtual and in person selling process.


Modules covered (18 courses)


16h Sales Excellence
16h Account Management
16h Professional Selling
16h Training Program to improve business performance
10h Remote Selling
4h Sales Process
8h Effective Management of the Sales Pipeline
8h Telephone prospection
8h “Powerful” telephone selling
16h Consultative Selling
8h Professional Inquiry and Value Generation
8h Striking Presentations
8h Advanced Negotiation and Closing
8h Implementation of new Clients
8h Sales Scripts
8h LinkedIn for Sellers
8h Customer Service/Post-sales
To define Tailor-made programs


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    Sales recruitment
    & Telesales

    How do we make the selections?


    Profile writing

    Interview with the client

    Definition of profile/needs


    AD posting

    Posting on Indeed, InfoJobs and other digital platforms

    Direct search


    Interview and screening

    1st interview

    Personality test

    Conflict Management Test

    Personal interview of about an hour


    Presentation of candidates

    2 or 3 candidates are presented to the company for recruitment, all valid

    What happens once the candidate has been hired?


    Onboarding through Emotional

    On Boarding through a 6-hour business skills sales course included


    Date assignment

    Sales training corresponding to the product is carried out by the company


    The follow up is agreed

    Daily and/or weekly monitoring is established based on previously agreed KPIs (offered separately)


    The sales rep shortens the onboarding process

    The seller begins to have results sooner

    Sales Processes
    & Welcomes

    Training from minute 0

    We have created dozens of sales processes for very different sectors: from banking to transport, including insurance, energy, photovoltaic installations, retail, and much more. In these processes we mark all the unavoidable steps for sellers to be successful with their sales. This is a crucial step for sellers to fully understand all the steps and why they need to be done.

    We carry out the “Welcome On Board” that all companies should carry out when they incorporate a sales rep. It is about the sales Bible, everything that the seller should know before going out to visit. It contains details of the sector, market, segmentation, sales process, environment, competition, services or products of the company, etc. Up to 400 pages of an exclusive manual for the company.

    We are Emotional

    Sales Plans
    & Lead Qualification

    Efficient business strategies focused on growth

    We make sales plans specially designed to increase the turnover of companies. It includes all the details of current billing, portfolio distribution, acquisition figures, abandonment rates, areas for improvement and relevant KPIs.

    In our sales plans we provide all kinds of actions to be able to reach and exceed the objectives set. From training plans for the sales team to actions on the portfolio or on the market.

    We carry out lead qualification for our clients. The most cumbersome part of trading. We take care of qualifying the list of potential customers in the assigned area. We include the willingness or interest of the client to change or probe the market. After the leads have been qualified, we arrange the visit so that the salespeople only have to go and offer the product or service in question to a customer who is interested in listening.

    We are Emotional

    Sales teams

    Evaluation of results to target areas of improvement

    We do the the Sales teams evaluation. That task that HR departments never have time to do or that sales directors decline due to their relationship with the sales reps.

    We base ourselves on a script of more than 80 questions. Based on the answers to the current results of their sales, we can evaluate them and detect the needs for improvement and/or training.

    To date, we have evaluated the sales teams of more than 100 companies.

    We are Emotional