We love Sales Traning

We have extensive experience in training, recruiting, managing, advising and directing commercial teams. This fact makes us potentially your partner in terms of Management, Training, Selection and Sales Consulting.

Welcome to Emotional

About us

We are a sales training and selection company. We work exclusively with sales reps and telemarketers.
We were born in 2016 and since then we have carried out more than 1,000 training and more than 300 commercial or telesales recruitments. Our methodology has provided the best sales results to our clients.

Currently Emotional Sales Training Worldwide, S.L.U. is an approved provider of commercial training in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, HR, Outsourcing, ETT’s, Transport, Courier, Forwarder, Logistics, Engineering, Cybersecurity, Machine Vision, Web Developers, Retail, Industrial Supplies, etc.

Our clients compete in highly fragmented sectors. The competition constantly trains sales representatives and managers, achieving more than interesting sales figures. Competitiveness, focus on results, priorities and the ability to extra-motivate the team are fundamental pieces to achieve the objectives.

The challenge is to grow. And do it by providing the necessary margin to make it sustainable. Get to attract new customers who are interested in consuming our services.

Excite. Sell. Grow.


Offer the market the best sales and leadership training solutions that help organizations develop and retain the talent of their teams.

Help to retain human capital, the company’s long-term competitive advantage.


To be the first option for Sales Recruitment and Training both in Spain and in Latin America through close collaboration with our clients, offering a high quality service and an enormous perception of value.


That our clients and students recommend us. Create the most prestigious Spanish-speaking Sales Academy and become the best commercial recruiter both in Spain and in Latin America.