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About us

 Emotional Sales Training Worldwide we are a very special sales training and recruitment company.
We have trained more than 20,000 sales reps in more than 500 sessions and in 20 countries, both in Europe and America. In all formats: Face-to-face, virtual live and virtual in recorded videos. We pursue the full satisfaction of the company that hires us. We offer top-notch skills training to salespeople and telemarketers. We rely on emotional selling..
We help our students improve their sales by strengthening the feeling of belonging with their company and increasing their love for the commercial profession.

Sales experts

We help companies with growth strategies in attracting new accounts and in cross-selling, achieving a strong boost thanks to the technical improvement of the sellers.

What can we do for you?

We adapt our content and formats to the needs of our client, resulting in intense training with a very high impact and high ratings.

Sales training and leadership

Sales & telesales recruitment

Sales processes & Welcomes

Sales plans and lead qualification

Evaluation of the sales team

Our team

Apart from 10 senior trainers , we have a network of trainers spread throughout Spain.

Rupert Flores

Alex Cumellas
Recruiting Manager

We have collaborators in Mexico, Colombia, UK, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the Nordic countries. For projects in the United Kingdom or English-speaking countries, we have the support of Pareto Law and 84 Emotion, as well as 3 bilingual consultants.
Mapa de España con ubicaciones de colaboradores

A Coruña




More than 20,000 sales reps and managers recommend us

What do you think of us…

Jose Lucio
Excellent trainer and motivator of teams. The pandemic prevented us from advancing further, but we really want to resume the pending courses.
Natalia Carcaba
We have had an exceptional experience with Rupert as a trainer for our commercial teams. A very structured, enjoyable training, adapted to our sector and with very fluid communication to draw conclusions.
Gemma garcia
I have had the opportunity to enjoy their courses fully adapted to our reality. Great communicator, still talks “Sales Manager from Hell” team. Don’t miss out on the experience.
Bastian Dahm
Rupert did a training with our sales team. The training model that consisted of five sessions of two hours a day, five consecutive days and with homework at the end of each session for the next day, which made the training very dynamic and lively, caught my attention. The participants showed a lot of interest and liked the new content in the conversation leads and emails. I can recommend Rupert as a great professional with a lot of experience and who reaches people.


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